Nick Ostle visiting GIG

Nick Ostle initiated his CAS visiting professorship to the group

ga_2014_nick11Nick Ostle is a professor in Lancatser University. He is a brilliant ecologist. Nick obtained a CAS visiting professorship to the group. On March 11-18 he visited the group and had discussion with Lucy on the collaboration plan. His PhD student, Caley Brown, is going to stay with us for 3 months to work in Dinghushan Mountain (鼎湖山) for field experiments. Nick was highly impressed by the state-of-the-art analytical instruments in the institute, in particular the GC-IRMS systems and the 14C-AMS system, as well as the highly professional technician (i. e. Dr Xie Luhua) . Shown here Nick was receiving the certificate of his CAS visiting professorship from CAS vice-president Professor Yaping Zhang (张亚平副院长), a brilliant evolutionary genetics biologist and CAS academician. Picture by Gao Wei (2013.3.13)

ga_2014_nick21Mandy, Lucy, Wen Wei, Gan, Nick and Caley (from left to right) on the day. (2013.3.13)

ga_2014_nick31Lucy and Nick. (Picture Caley Brown.)

ga_2014_nick41At the gate of Dinghushan natural reserve. (Picture Caley Brown.)

ga_2014_nick51In the mode of oriental philosophy. Reads ‘Look outside of yourself at the world, whilst the pavillions and lodges are just like in a mirror ‘. (Picture Caley Brown.)

ga_2014_nick61He was illegal to be in the research area of the natural reserve. (Picture Caley Brown.)

ga_2014_nick71In front of the Qingyun Temple. (Picture Caley Brown.)