Field trip to Xieyang Island

Field trip to Xieyang Island (斜阳岛)

On April 21st-23rd 2015, four of us (Guangcai, Jun, Gan and Shichun) went to investigate Xieyang Island as a potential site for monitoring airmass outflow from the Indo-China peninsula, which is part of the NSFC key project. The result is quite positive. Guangcai will continue setting up the station. It is a beatiful background site/island far way from human activity!

ga_2015_xieyang1The map.

ga_2015_xieyang2It is a vocanic island ~15 Km to the southeast of Weizhou Island (涠洲岛) in Beibu Bay(北部湾).


ga_2015_xieyang3There is a small village with tens of people living there.

ga_2015_xieyang4The abandoned establishment provides us an excellent venue for the station.

ga_2015_xieyang5Investigating the potential site.

ga_2015_xieyang6Look at the color!

ga_2015_xieyang7Old village house.

ga_2015_xieyang8The Island.

ga_2015_xieyang9Advanced ferry service to Weizhou Island. Ovation is a Singapore company.

ga_2015_xieyang10We had to hire a motor boat for approaching Xieyang Island. The adventure took 25~40 min from Weizhou Island, depending on the sea conditions. There is no excuse for not being wetted/sun-burned.