Conference on Eco-toxicology

Mengke and Haoyu attended the 2nd Conference on Eco-toxicology of China in Xiamen (20150426-28)

Three of us (Mengke, Haoyu and Gan) attended the 2nd Conference on Ecotoxicology in Xiamen on the 26th-28th of April. It was a big one with ca 800 attendees. Prof Zou Shichun and Drs Xu Weihai, Zhang Ruijie and Yang Ying also presented on the meeting. Haoyu, Weihai and Ruijie gave oral presentations on the session of antibiotics and ARGs. Mengke showed a nice poster. We had also chance to see the production of pearls.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology1Mengke and Haoyu.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology2Added Dr Zhang Ruijie.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology3Haoyu delivered oral presentation on ARGs in North River.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology4Her talk was attractive, wasn’t it?!

ga_2015_ecotoxicology5Mengke with her poster.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology6Haoyu also presented a poster.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology7Xu Weihai is one of the ‘early birds’ in antiobiotics pollution in the enviroment.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology8Ruijie presented his study on antibiotics in coastal waters.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology9We met Prof Ma Yanjun of China Mining University.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology10Discussions with another ‘Prof Zou’.

ga_2015_ecotoxicology11Where pearls are implanted..

ga_2015_ecotoxicology12Whose is the hand with a nice pearl ring? Please consult Haoyu for the answer.