Sampling in Hainan Province

On July 18-20, Prof. Zhang, Guangcai, Alok (a new intern undergraduate student from Brown universitiy)and I visited JIANFENG mountain and BAWANG  mountain national preserve in Hainan Province for soil sampling in 2 kinds of tropical rain forests.  We were guided by Mr Lin Mingxian (林明献) and Chen Qing (陈庆)of the Hainan Forestry Bureau who have worked in local forest research over 20 years and are extremely familiar with every kind of tropical plant. We had a intimate contact with the core area of the 2 national reserve and the Gibbon conservation, collected soil and litter samples from midmountain rainforest,  tropical evergreen forest and tropical valley rain-forest. Occasionally, we also found some beautiful scenery near by our accomendations and took some wonderful photos. It was an impressive and rich-knowledge harvested trip with memorable farm-flavored dishes.:)

A beautiful beach called Mulong Bay  near Jianfeng mountain

“Before the sunset”(法国电影,爱在日落黄昏时)

Pretend to be a crab(⊙﹏⊙)b

“Cool kids”–Echosmith

the most adorable height difference(最萌身高差)

the best sunset view point in Sanya

foot of the Jianfeng mountain

Hainan butterfly(a papilionoidea, I guess)

Plan to add a GIG brand on this wall

sampling for soil unit weight

A soil profile in Jianfeng mountain tropical forest

Hainan Wujiao piggy(五脚猪) Guess why it is called this name?

banana trees at the door


“Singin’ in the rain”(美国电影,雨中曲)


Farseek Changhua river(昌化江)

A kiss from the Hainan beggarweed/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

assembly line for soil sampling

Michelia mediocris Dandy(白花含笑), best furniture material

pinus parviflora(五针松)

pithecellobium clypearia(猴耳环,学名围涎树)

A gibbon protector, Mr. Chen

Guangcai behind the eldest  Dacrydium pierrei (陆均松)in the Bawang mountain preserve

root carving collection of Mr. Chen


Journey to the south(南游记)