Baruch Spiro and Tian Linwei

On August 7-10, our old friend Baruch Spiro visited the group once more. Meanwhile, Dr Tian Linwei (田林玮) of Hong Kong University, who worked with Baruch for his PhD work in UC Berkeley came as well. Linwei  gave a talk on the hypothesis of minerals in coal in relation to the lung cancer risk in Xuanwei (宣威) of Yunnan province.   Baruch has been our friend from 2006, which is 11 years! He knows well many people in our group and in the institute.

Linwei (left 1) and Baruch (right 2) were ‘old’ friends with each other.

Baruch, in 2006 (!), on a trip with us to the Tibetan plateau. Left to right: Baruch, Jia Guodong (hidden behind), Wu Yanhong, Liu Guoqing, Li Jun and Zhu ??.

Linwei pointed to the location of Xuanwei.

The seminar,