The 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry

On October 19-22, the 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry was held in Hangzhou, by Zhejiang University. It was a successful conference with more than 6000 people participated in.  Several current and previous group members attended and gave their talks. In particular, Cheng Hairong (成海容) was awarded best oral presentation in the session of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Zhang Gan helped with being one of the conveners of the Emerging Comtaminants (EC) session. We also met our ‘old’ friend Kevin Jones as a specially invited guest. Kevin in addition organized a small gathering of Lancaster-related people on the conference.

From left to right: 章炎麟,李琦路,李军,成海容,张干,林田,唐建辉,田崇国,王琰。

Kevin gave a keynote speech on EC session.

Professor Lucy gave an invited talk on EC session.

Professor Tang Jianhui summarized his work on BFRs in the Bohai Sea.

Hairong was awarded best oral presentation on VOC session.


Qilu talked about CPs in the air of Chinese cities.

Wang Yan presented his new study on BFRs in indoor decoration materials.

The Kevin’s part of the ‘Lancaster Gang’.

Lin Tian and Hairong are buddies.

Professor Fu Pingqing (傅平青) appeared on our photo scene. He is an outstanding aerosol chemist.

Me shot on the poster venue by a lovely Paparazzi.