Group meeting and group picture

On Jan 12, we had a full day full group meeting, that 33 postdoctors and students in currrently Guangzhou presented their annual report one by one, each in 10 minutes. We also had chance to take group pictures with many of our faces together, except for Buqing, Yishan and Xiaofei. Very successful day, and excited moment!

M: 胡蓓蓓、张庆、王晓、刘艺、王嘉琦、刘昕、姜鸿兴、唐娇、莫扬之、江龙飞、孙迎韬、邵英健
(2020.01.12,+姜懿珊、耿晓飞、徐 步青、苏涛)