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Zhang Yanlin visited the group

Former group member Dr Zhang Yanlin (章炎麟) with his colleague Dr Chang Yunhua (常运华)and a Thailand PhD student, Savaeng Kawichai (Tee), visited the group on Dec 3-4.  Tee is working on biomass burning in Chiang Mai province of Thailand.  Yunhua is working on nitrogen isotopes and source apportionment of nitrogen in the air. Yanlin is a professor of Nanjing University of Information Technology, formerly known as 南京气象学院。


Tee (center) and Yanlin.

Liu Di in Beijing

On Nov 20, Liu Di appeared in Beijing with many of her British colleagues attending the Sino-UK Air Pollution and Human Health Programme. Gan Zhang was invited by the Programme to give a talk.


Shi Zongbo (left, UK colleague) and Liu Di.