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Two papers published

Ruiling’s work Aquatic environmental fates and risks of benzotriazoles, benzothiazoles, and p-phenylenediamines in a catchment providing water to a megacity of China‘ was recently published in Environmental Research.

Huang Chen’s paper ‘Identifying persistent, mobile and toxic (PMT) organic compounds detected in shale gas wastewater‘ was recently published in Science of The Total Environment.

Many congratulations!

Fig. 1

Map of sampling sites by Ruiling

Fig. 2

The standard procedures for PMT screening by Huang Chen


Sampling Campaign of LUR Project

During Oct-December 2018, we conducted a passive air sampling campaign in Guangzhou, which aimed to build a land-use region model of organic compounds in urban Guangzhou. 160 passive air samplers were installed in 80 monitoring station in total, covering 11 administrative regions. The Tianhe district was additionally intensive monitored for model evaluation.  Prof. Duohogn Chen kindly helped to coordinate the network of air monitoring station.  Xin, Yangzhi, Jiao, Hongxing, Ruling and Yingjian greatly contributed to the field work. 


Installed samplers in Jinan University. 

The 11th ISEG

On August 8-10, a group of us including Liu Xin, Zhang Ruiling, Zhang Gan, Chen Wenwen, Mahdi and Dilanka attended the 11th International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry (ISEG) in Peking Universe. The symposium was organized by Professors Tao Shu(陶澍) and Zhu Dongqiang(朱东强).  Gan was invited to give a keynote speech entitled ‘Development and Applications of Radiocarbon Analysis Techniques for Tracking Atmospheric Organic Species in China’. The talk promoted our works on radiocarbon analysis of BC/BrC/Di-acids/IVOC (naphthalene), and demonstrated radiocarbon analysis as a powerful tool in tracing the sources of atmospheric organics.   Other group members all gave poster presentations, a bunch of ‘waters’! On the eve of the opening ceremony day, we are able to gather in a restaurant  ‘Friday’  for a drink.