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The 16th POP Forum

On May 16-20, several of the group members attended the 16th POP Forum in Xi’Ning. It was a wonderful conference. Huang Chen, Shizhen and Gan gave talks, Wang Xiao presented a poster. We also met former group members Lin Tian, Pan Xiaohui and Zhang Ruijie. After the meeting, we had a half-day trip to Taer Temple (塔乐寺)one-day trip to Chaka Salt Lake (扎卡盐湖)and Qinghai Lake. We were lucky that arranged by Mr Yang we were able to enter the centre of the Natural Reserve of Qinghai Lake, also called Niandao. We had a unique experience along the lake shore with splendid view and birds around.

Do click the video for wonderful moment! And look at the head image taken by Gan.

Participants from the group.

Ta’er Temple.

Chaka Salt Lake.

Lusi (鹭鸶) Island.

Group picture at Dandao (蛋岛)

Feeding the birds.

Great video produced by Yang Tao.

JingQian (婧倩)from Shanghai Ocean University group.

YaNan (亚楠)from Yantai group.

Soil sampling at Lusi (鹭鸶)Island  in Qinghai Lake.

Mr Yang Tao (杨涛)kindly arranged us to visit the Qinghai Lake Natural Reserve, of which he is the Director.

POPS study

On March 12-14, a group of us including Xu Yue, Lin Tian, Shizhen, Li Jun, Guangcai, Huang Huanfang (黄焕芳) and Zhang Gan gathered in Conghua for  writing a review of POPs study dedicated to a book to be published. It has been fruitful and we took the opportunity to exchange perspectives on the most current progress in the POPs research area.

2nd workshop on POPs book writing in Yantai

On September 22-23, a group of us gathered in Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone, CAS, for the second round of discussion on the writing and editing of the book ‘Geochemistry of POPs’ of which the manuscript should be made available to the publication company in the end of this year. Hianhui and Chongguo host the workshop. It was a very successful workshop and clarified further the jobs each of us takes for the next step, and we look forward to the next workshop due on November 11, somewhere…

Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone, CAS.

The workshop.

Seaside relax after the workshop.

Seafood of course.

Giggling ladies.

Investigate the rocky tidal flat.

They visited Liugong Island (刘公岛), off Weihai(威海).