Huguangyan, Zhanjiang, 2004


ga_h_marrlake2004_1Professor Zou was well accepted by the ladies. Zhang Xin-ying (part-time PhD., right 1) works in GuangXi Normal College, and has been a professor since 2009.

ga_h_marrlake2004_2There was a strong wind on the sea. Liu Guoqing (right, 1) has been a professor in Shenzhen University since 2013.

ga_h_marrlake2004_3Qiu Yaowen was a part-time post doctor in the group. He works in South Chia Sea Institute of Oceanology, CAS.

ga_h_marrlake2004_4Chi Jisong (池际松)was a visiting student in the gorup for 2 years. She works in the Environ. Monit. Centre of Guizhou.

ga_h_marrlake2004_5They sit in the same office for many years.

ga_h_marrlake2004_6Few people on the beach in the windy day.

ga_h_marrlake2004_7Guo Lingli was good at lab work.

ga_h_marrlake2004_8Yu Lili (Lily) went to Australia after obtained her MSc degree.

ga_h_marrlake2004_9This guy is always ladies’ favorite.

ga_h_marrlake2004_10Professor Qi is always around.

ga_h_marrlake2004_11Cruise on the Huguangyan Marr Lake(湖光岩 “玛珥湖”)。The lake was made by vocanic eruptions, with a deep/steep cliff surrounding and minimal land runoff feeding. This makes it a great site for sediment core record study targetting palaeo-environmental changes in South China, in particular relating to past monsoon onset/activities.