Field trip to Sichuan

First visit to shale gas play site in Sichuan


ga_2014_sichuan11The trip was organized by Dr Liao Yuhong (廖玉宏). Shown here is the first shale gas well, W-H-201, in China.

ga_2014_sichuan22A drill site in Daluo, Gong Xian.

ga_2014_sichuan33The pool is a reservoir for water to be used in fracturing.

ga_2014_sichuan44Longmaxi (龙马溪)is of the key strata to produce shale gas. The strta is characteristic of a specific fossil, Graptolithina (笔石).

ga_2014_sichuan55This is a familiar view for me, a former geologist.

ga_2014_sichuan66The unique shape of Wangbashi (王八石)serves as an clear indicator for the strata.

ga_2014_sichuan77Our guider who is a local geologist knowing all the strata and their outcrops in the region.