PhD viva

Mengke, Junwen and Zheng Qian viva-ed their PhD



ga_2014_song1Listening to the final decision made by the referring committee.

ga_2014_song2Zheng Qian defensing her PhD thesis.

ga_2014_song3Liu Junwen answering questions from the referee.

ga_2014_song4What a gathering.

ga_2014_song5Front row from left: Prof Chen Yingjun(陈颖军), Prof Luo Chunling, Dr Tang Jianhui (唐建辉), Zhang Gan, Prof Wang Jun (王俊), Jiang Yishan, Dr Liu Di. Back row from left: Dr Zhong Guangcai, Wang Shaorui, Sun Yingtao, Jiang Longfei, Dr Liu Xiang, Dr Liu Junwen, Liu Xin, Dr Song Mengke, Dr Zheng Qian, Jiang Haoyu.

ga_2014_song61Mengke with, Lucy and her hiding baby. (HRes)

ga_2014_song71They are just too good to be ture? Zheng Qian and Haoyu. (This is a high resolution picture. Dangerous.)

ga_2014_song81Mengke and Jiang Longfei. (HRes)

ga_2014_song91Jiang Longfei and Sun yingtao. (HRes)

ga_2014_song10We are the time.

ga_2014_song11On the celebration dinner. Zhang Qian (left 1), Liu Junwen (right 2), Mengke (right 1) cheer for their suceesful escape.

ga_2014_song12From left to right, Yishan, Liu Di, Junwen and Liu Xin cheer together.

ga_2014_song13Nice place, nice food. (hi-resolution picture)

ga_2014_song141And so many beautiful girls.