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Longfei publishes in JGR-Biogeosciences, another China forests soil campaign contribution

Jiang Longfei’s paper ‘Decoupled Spatial Distribution of PAHs Degraders Determined by Taxonomic 16S rRNA and Degrading Genes Across Chinese Forest Soils‘ published recently in JGR-Biogeosciences.  This is another contribution from our past China forests soil sampling campaign. Congratulations!

PS: I dig out from my Weibo some pictures of sampling in Changbai (Shan) and a few text I recorded thereafter (September 2012).


The 19th Chinese National Symposium on Environmental Microbiology in Chongqing

On November 11-14, Professor Luo chunling, Dr Song mengke, Li jibing and Dai qing attended the 19th Chinese National Symposium on Environmental Microbiology in Chongqing. Professor Luo chunling, Dr Song mengke and Li jibing gave their reports in this conference. Furthermore, Li Jibing was awarded the Outstanding Paper Prize of Jian Haoran Environmental Microbiology Foundation (the highest award of the Society for Environmental Microbiology). Here are some pictures for record.



Professor Luo gave keynote speech on the conference.


Dr Song mengke was explaining the research methods of microbial communities.


Li jibing reported his research results. He was awarded the Outstanding Paper Prize of Jian Haoran Environmental Microbiology (“简浩然环境微生物学”优秀论文奖).


Dr Song Mengke manned her poster.


Li jibing with his poster.

PhD viva

Mengke, Junwen and Zheng Qian viva-ed their PhD



ga_2014_song1Listening to the final decision made by the referring committee.

ga_2014_song2Zheng Qian defensing her PhD thesis.

ga_2014_song3Liu Junwen answering questions from the referee.

ga_2014_song4What a gathering.

ga_2014_song5Front row from left: Prof Chen Yingjun(陈颖军), Prof Luo Chunling, Dr Tang Jianhui (唐建辉), Zhang Gan, Prof Wang Jun (王俊), Jiang Yishan, Dr Liu Di. Back row from left: Dr Zhong Guangcai, Wang Shaorui, Sun Yingtao, Jiang Longfei, Dr Liu Xiang, Dr Liu Junwen, Liu Xin, Dr Song Mengke, Dr Zheng Qian, Jiang Haoyu.

ga_2014_song61Mengke with, Lucy and her hiding baby. (HRes)

ga_2014_song71They are just too good to be ture? Zheng Qian and Haoyu. (This is a high resolution picture. Dangerous.)

ga_2014_song81Mengke and Jiang Longfei. (HRes)

ga_2014_song91Jiang Longfei and Sun yingtao. (HRes)

ga_2014_song10We are the time.

ga_2014_song11On the celebration dinner. Zhang Qian (left 1), Liu Junwen (right 2), Mengke (right 1) cheer for their suceesful escape.

ga_2014_song12From left to right, Yishan, Liu Di, Junwen and Liu Xin cheer together.

ga_2014_song13Nice place, nice food. (hi-resolution picture)

ga_2014_song141And so many beautiful girls.