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2nd workshop on POPs book writing in Yantai

On September 22-23, a group of us gathered in Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone, CAS, for the second round of discussion on the writing and editing of the book ‘Geochemistry of POPs’ of which the manuscript should be made available to the publication company in the end of this year. Hianhui and Chongguo host the workshop. It was a very successful workshop and clarified further the jobs each of us takes for the next step, and we look forward to the next workshop due on November 11, somewhere…

Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone, CAS.

The workshop.

Seaside relax after the workshop.

Seafood of course.

Giggling ladies.

Investigate the rocky tidal flat.

They visited Liugong Island (刘公岛), off Weihai(威海).

Group workshop in Guiyang

On July 26-29, several former group members and Drs Tian Chongguo, Tang Jianhui gathered in Guiyang for a workshop on writing together a book named ‘Geochemistry of POPs’. We agreed with the contents and divided the jobs. Xu Yue act as a host of the workshop. We went out to visit Zunyi (遵义) the famous  historical site for the Red Army. Of course we had many local foods of great and spicy flavor.

Front row (L to R):  赵祯,唐建辉,张干,赵时真,林一朵,郑芊; Back row: (L to R):  徐玥,钟广财,王琰,田崇国,林田.

The workshop was held in GYIG.

The workshop.

It was in the house…

In the courtyard.

The Great Turn.

Who he/she passed Zunyi, in 1935.

Singing with Lin Yiduo(林一朵).

Lin Yiduo’s father, Lin Tian, singing with Zheng Qian.

Wang Yan enjoys his favorite song.


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