A Sri Lanka Update

On Jan 10-15 2017, Guangcai, Dilanka and Zhang Gan appeared in Columbo, Matara and Kandy of Sri Lanka. Their job was to update the contact with University of Ruhuna on marine geochemistry. And they checked/repaired the 2 air samplers shipped to the university. One sampler is ready for sampling, but another still need a new flow counter. The trip was successful, and interestingly, we spent a little time travelling on the unique tea garden trains.

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Guangcai is repairing the samplers.


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This sampler is OK but the flow meter was not working.

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Faculty of Aquaculture and Marine Sciences, Ruhuna University.  A well designed building.

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Tea gardens covering the hilly lands mimic of carpets.

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Enjoyable  tea garden train trip from Badulla to Kandy, which may take 7-8 hours !


Examining many kinds of tea.

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Dilanka showed us her nice home/house beautifully located in Kandy.

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Seems to be my island? occasionally I saw this at the airport.