Farewell Leigh Martindale

On March 2nd, a farewell gathering took place in Dongjiang Fish Village for seeing off Leigh Martindale. Leigh was supported by SEW-REAP to stay in China for 2 years for his PhD study on food supply chain in rural China. He is supervised by Dr David Tyfield, and was associated to the group. Dyring the last 2 years, he travelled to many places in China including those remote rural places. He was impressed by the young volunteers in the rural areas working for poverty relief. He also learned some Chinese. He left Guangzhou for Lancaster-U to complete his PhD thesis.

Leigh (back row, left 4) has been with us for 2 years. Shown are other SEW-REAP PhD students including Pere (Front right 4) from Spain and Scot (Back left 2) from the UK.