Programme of group mid-year colloquium on July 28

The mid-year report colloquium of 2018 will be held on 09:00 am July 28 2018. The programme is as follows.

  1. Self-introduction of fresh students  

2. Professor Riffat (10 minutes)

3. Staff presentations on study areas and progress(15+5 minutes)

  1. – Environmental radiocarbon:acclimation of the 0.4MeV AMS facility in GIG and future development   (朱三元)
  2. – Tracking environmental fate of pyrolytic carbon (PyC) using BPCA molecular probe and compound-specific carbon isotopes (钟广财)
  3. – Persistent mobile toxics (PMTs) in water: a compound-specific isotope study perspective   (金彪)
  4. – Methodology development of compound-specific radiocarbon analysis of poly-acids and methane in the atmosphere   (成志能)
  5. – Stable isotope probe (SIP): from method development to the applications (罗春玲)
  6. – Radiocarbon analysis of carbonaceous aerosols: from black carbon (BC) to brown carbon (BrC)  (李军)
  7. – International development and the Southern Contaminants Programme (SCP) Belt & Road Initiative  (张干)

4. PDRA/PhD/MSc mid-year report(10+5 minutes,Chinese/English)

Reports from all PDRA/PhD/MSc students on their research objectives, progress, existing problems, and future plans.

5. Staff meeting

  1. – Overall progress assessment
  2. – Operation of the group
  3. – Financial report and advises(周佳怡)
  4. – Management and operation of  the 14C laboratory
  5. – Management of students in the group