Atmsyc visit to lanzhou

On May 26-29, Gan and Shizhen visited our STMSYC team in Lanzhou. They had a detailed discussion with profs Ma Jianmin, Gao Hong and Wang Tao, on the next-stage task from ATMSYC in the context of risk-assessment modeling, source-tag technique and a new model to be applied in the PRD demo, and the national air toxic assessment report etc.  Gan also attended two other meetings, one on environmental science & technology education, and one for the Gansu Provincial Key Lab on Pollution Warning and Control, of which he is one of the academic panel members. They are also able to see the 14C lab of Lanzhou University, consisting of a MICADAS AMS and a dedicated graphite target-making line, operated by Prof. Wang Zongli (王宗礼). On the 28th afternoon, they took a short sightseeing trip to Xinglongshan (兴隆山), which is quite greenery and with rich history. We’ve been really enjoying the fruitful collaboration with LZU, which could be tracked back to as early as the year of 2010. 

The collaboration could be tracked back to 2010.
The IonPlus MICADAS AMS facility in LZU.
Prof Wang Zongli developed this graphite line.
A short trip to Xinglongshan.
Dr Zhao Shizhen enjoyed the relax.
Image by Huawei Phones.