ATMSYC workshop and visits at wuhan

On June 20-22, Shizhen, Li Jun, Jin Biao and Gan paid a visit to Wuhan. Xu Yue joined.

We first attended a workshop held by ATMSYC on the prioritization and list of hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) for nation-wide control in China, which is a major task of ATMSYC. The discussions and ideas came with the workshop has been very successful and useful in the following name-listing job. One consensus is that we would provide 3 HAPs lists, one for nation-wide major source emission control, one for environmental health study/assessment in cities, and one as a need-to-care ‘theoretical’ list. The hostresses of the workshop, Professors Wang Youjie (王友洁) and Mei Surong (梅素容) invited us a feast welcome with Creyfish (小龙虾) in the famous ‘Liang-liang-zheng-xia’ (靓靓蒸虾) restaurant at Hankou (汉口). 

On the next day, we payed a short trip in Wuhan University to see the landmark historic buildings of the university, guided by Hairong. Very memorable! We then went to China University of Geosciences (CUG) to meet Professor Qi Shihua (祁士华) and his team. We talked about potential joint collection of groundwater in the Jianghan plain (江汉平原)for a multiple purposes study on PFCs and DBC etc.  Shizhen was happy to see Xing Xinli (邢新丽) and her son who she met in Lancaster.  We also visited a source emission test lab by Professor Kong Shaofei (孔少飞), which was well established and looks impressive.

It has been 2 busy days, but indeed quite fruitful and enjoyable!

The workshop.

Group sisters.

Wuhan University, where Jin Biao  graduated from  and Hairong is working.

The historical student dormitory with arches and steep stairs.  It was designed by an architecture from Havard University.

What year was it? The ‘old’ library.