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Fully-funded Courses on Persistent Toxic Substances Open for Application


Monitoring and Risk Assessment of Persistent Toxic Substances in Coastal Environments

Duration: 1st – 20th Nov, 2022 (20 days)

Host: Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Venue: Guangzhou, China

Course Description

The 20-day training course is funded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as part of the CAS Belt & Road Initiatives (B&RI). Hosted by the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (GIG) of CAS, the training course will be focused on the monitoring and risk assessment of persistent toxic substances (PTSs) in coastal environments, by integrating different expertise and covering topics such as:

  • Chemical pollutants in the environment
  • Emerging contaminants of concern (new contaminants)
  • Field sampling and chemical analysis of PTS
  • Risk assessment of PTS in the environment

Besides serial lectures delivered by international and domestic scientists, intensive hands-on trainings including field sampling, chemical pretreatment and instrumental analysis will be made available for sub-groups of the selected students.

How to apply

The training course is designed towards young researchers, i.e., MSc students, PhD students and postdoctoral fellow, from countries/regions along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (MSR).

Students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in participating the training course, please send the following documents, electronically, to the organizer at E-mail address:

  • a personal curriculum vitae (CV) with a recent passport photo
  • an e-copy of the latest entry record into China on your passport
  • a letter of consent from your supervisor in the university or institute

Student selection and cost-free

A total of 20 students will be selected from the applicants based on an assessment of the application stuffs, communication with your supervisor may apply.

The following general cost for the selected students to participate the course will be covered by the training project.

  • Round trip air/train tickets between your university city and Guangzhou (for students from outside of Guangzhou only)
  • Accommodation and meals in Guangzhou during the training course period, i. e. from 1st – 20th Nov, 2022
  • Fiel trips to environmental monitoring facilities and field research stations

Duration of the training course

  • Arriving date: 1st Nov, 2022
  • Departure date: 20th Nov, 2022

Application deadline

23rd Oct, 2022

About the SKLOG and GIG

The training course is organized by the State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry (SKLOG) affiliated to Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (GIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences. The SKLOG has been a leading research laboratory on environmental sciences, and is fully equipped with the state-of-art analytical instruments for environmental analysis.

About Guangzhou

Located in the heart of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou is the largest mega-city in southern China, and the capital city of Guangdong province. From the late October to November, Guangzhou features comfortable weather and beautiful fall sceneries. It is the gateway city to the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, and should be your must-see city in China.

Contact us

Please direct all your communications via E-mail to:

Link of the previous training course on 2018:

MSR training course closing ceremony | 优秀花园 (


PAHs in Bangladesh by PUF-PAS published in AE

The PAHs results from the PUF-PAS sampling in Bangladesh has been published in AE, in the paper entitled ‘ Monitoring of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by
polyurethane foam-passive air samplers in Bangladesh: Source
apportionment and health risk assessment‘. The paper was written by Prof Habib of Dhakar University, and Aklima (with Prof Cai Minggang, affiliated to Xiamen University), who visited the group many times and deployed many of the passive samplers across the country with Habib. Shizhen finalized the manuscript and monitored the processes. All are of the best!

This is an ANSO MORATOXA project contribution.