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Huaniaodao (花鸟岛) gathering 2021

On September 27-30th, a team of us paid a leisure visit to HuaNiao Island (花鸟岛)of ZhouShanQunDao (舟山群岛) for an academic gathering and meantime saw the air sampling site run by Lin Tian (林田)who called  the arrangement. Included in the attendants are 陈颖军、林田、李军、田崇国、章炎麟、时真、张干. It is a memorable trip with beautiful sceneries, nice seafood, lots of discussion, chats and, of cause, drinking. I would call it ‘结夏安居‘, though much shorter than a Budish one.

I wrote a poetry to blog my feelings and the night views.



Paromita visited the group

Paromita visited the institute and found big changes on the campus and in laboratory. She was with us in Guangzhou on Nov 28 to Dec 1, attending part of our B&R training course. She was able to meet once again Gan, Kevin, and many of her group mates. Paromita had been pursuing her PhD in the institute in from 2005 to 2009. She is working as an associate professor in SRM University, which ranks No 2 in all private universities in India.

Paromita is till publishing data from her early studies in the group. Here are two ‘big boss’ of her.

The group mates.

Happy group sisters meeting after 9 years.