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The 16th POP Forum

On May 16-20, several of the group members attended the 16th POP Forum in Xi’Ning. It was a wonderful conference. Huang Chen, Shizhen and Gan gave talks, Wang Xiao presented a poster. We also met former group members Lin Tian, Pan Xiaohui and Zhang Ruijie. After the meeting, we had a half-day trip to Taer Temple (塔乐寺)one-day trip to Chaka Salt Lake (扎卡盐湖)and Qinghai Lake. We were lucky that arranged by Mr Yang we were able to enter the centre of the Natural Reserve of Qinghai Lake, also called Niandao. We had a unique experience along the lake shore with splendid view and birds around.

Do click the video for wonderful moment! And look at the head image taken by Gan.

Participants from the group.

Ta’er Temple.

Chaka Salt Lake.

Lusi (鹭鸶) Island.

Group picture at Dandao (蛋岛)

Feeding the birds.

Great video produced by Yang Tao.

JingQian (婧倩)from Shanghai Ocean University group.

YaNan (亚楠)from Yantai group.

Soil sampling at Lusi (鹭鸶)Island  in Qinghai Lake.

Mr Yang Tao (杨涛)kindly arranged us to visit the Qinghai Lake Natural Reserve, of which he is the Director.

Nanjing summer school

On July 12, I was invited to visit Nanjing University of Information Technology  and give a class on a summer school (SS) organized by Zhang Yanlin (章炎麟). I gave a class entitled ‘POPs: from Chemistry to Geochemistry’. During the 2 days in NUIT I met professors Tao Shu (陶澍), Liu Congqiang (刘丛强), Li Fangbai(李芳柏) etc who were also ‘teacher’ of the SS. We drank a lot and the trip was enjoyable thanks to Yanlin and his colleagues’ good organization. I also had a view on Yanlin and Cao Fang (曹芳)’s aerosol isotope lab which is well equipped and managed. I came to know that there were more than 20 research students working in his group, while realizing that I am ‘grand-teacher’. Attended the SS are also students from 俊文’s group (JNU) and 瑞杰’s group (GXU).  

The SS.

More than 140 students joined the SS.

Do my job.

‘Grand-teacher’ in white hairs. Students from Yanlin’s and Junwen’s group.

With students from Ruijie’s group.

System for N isotope analysis with a Mat 253+ MS and a Gas- Bench

Commercial TD (thermo-desorption) inlet system for direct aerosol organic composition analysis.

Yumei published her PhD work in ES&T

Yumei and Zhang Ruijie recently published her PhD study on OCPs cycling in a Marr lake, Huguangyan of Zhanjiang, in ES&T entitled: ‘Experimental Study on the Role of Sedimentation and Degradation Processes on Atmospheric Deposition of Persistent Organic Pollutants in a Subtropical Water Column‘. This was with a year-last field experiment with tremendous samplings. Congratulations!