Two-day Group Trip to A-Po-Liu

In order to feel the breath of spring, our group went hiking on 29-30th, March. Our planned final destination is A-Po-Liu Village (阿婆六村), the highest inhabited village in Guangdong Province (about 650 m). It’s a perfect location to observe starry sky. We tried to prepare as well as possible, since we are all green hands on hiking. We hope this journey will become the most beautiful memory of the spring.

We planned to follow the hiking route as:良口镇影村—桥头村—茅坪古村—锦村—瑶老社—阿婆六山—水电站—竹海瀑布—双水潭—溪头旅游村—下溪村—水电站—吕田镇古田村. However, the truth is that we’ve been utilizing our prehistorical powers (洪荒之力) to reach the half way, Xitou Town (溪头村),  known as the most beautiful village in Guangdong Province. We decided to leave something to finish for the next trip.


We were on the way!

2017-03-29 121431

Unfortunately, part of the road is extremely muddy due to construction. Our poor shoes and pants were getting stained with mud. We were marching like fresh troops!

2017-03-29 123434(1)

Gan, our “Big Boss”, was always taking care of us at the back of the team. Just like Zorro in our childhood!

2017-03-29 124619

We walked in small groups under Gan’s guidance.


We broke a new path!


We forced our way on the tree branches!


Jun, our dear Li-Da-Ren, led boys in front of the team and opened a way through brambles for girls. Nothing is impossible for us!

2017-03-29 135439

Wow, we succeeded in finding the right way. The feeling is just like obtaining the true scriptures in Journey to the West.

2017-03-29 173018

A-Po-Liu, we were finally here!

2017-03-31 164757

We would like to ask “Are we handsome?”

2017-03-29 174619

During the journey, the amazing landscape is decorated with raindrops, which purify our mood and add us energy.

The brimming waves delight the eyes on sunny days; the dimming hills present rare view in rainy haze.


2017-03-29 182029

The famous arch door in the town center of Xitou.

2017-03-31 164955

The curtain of night has hung down. We eventually finished half of the planned journey, and enjoyed delicious local dishes with alcohol.

2017-03-31 164930

We continued our happy hour in the guesthouse after dinner. Do you notice the four guys on the right? They were amazingly talking about science!


We cheer to each other and cherish every moment together!


This is a screenshot from WeChat on 29th. The step numbers of our group members rank top!

2017-03-31 164815

The next day: Jun must be the first one to get up!


We are family!


We walked to the River Valley (溪源幽谷) on the second day. What a fairyland on earth!


It’s so cool to walk without shoes in the babbling brook.


We were fingering heart to freeze-frame this precious moment.

Finally, we would like to end this unforgettable trip using a Chinese poetry written by Su Shi.

定风波·三月七日沙湖道中遇雨  苏轼