Shuduan’s PhD viva

On November 13th afternoon from 15:00pm, Shuduan did her PhD viva, successfully. The assessment panel includes Professors Bi XInhui (GIG, Chair), Tang Jainhui (YIC), Lai Sengchao (SCUT) , DIng Xiang (GIG) and Zhang Yanlin (NUIST). The title of Shuduan’s PhD thesis is ‘Intentionally and unintentionally-produced POPs in the air of Ningbo regional background observatory’.  Congratulations, Dr Mao!

Shuduan obtained her bachelor degree in Central China Agricultural University in Wuhan, and her MSc in SCUT. She served in Xiaogan Academy of  Environmental Sciences for 2 years before coming to GIG for PhD study.

Panel members are professors Lai Sengchao (赖森潮,left 1), Ding Xiang (丁翔,left 2), Zhang Yanlin (章炎麟, center in back row), Bi Xinhui (毕新慧, left 3 in front row) and Tang Jianhui (唐建辉, right 1 in back row).