The 2nd ISEH

On Dec 5, Gan Zhang attended the 2nd International Symposium on Environmental Health (ISEH) at Shanghai. He gave a key note speech introducing the newly identified up-PCBs in the atmosphere of Ningbo regional atmospheric background station which was done by  Shuduan. It was very cold in Shanghai that day! He also chaired a session on ‘Toxicity characterization of emission sources’ with some ‘old’ friends and excellent young scientists, especially Wang Rong of Fudan-U who published his first paper, while he was a undergraduate student in Peking University, coauthored with Gan, who he haven’t met before! 

Wang Rong (left 2) coauthored with me his first paper in his research career, but this was the first time we met. He is an excellent modeler in atmospheric science. Shown here also are Professor Mu Yujing (left 4) of RCEES.CAS and Mao Hongjun (left 5) of Nankai-U.