MSR training course closing ceremony

On December 7th, a closing ceremony for the Maritime Silk Road (MSR) training course ‘Monitoring and risk assessment of persistent toxic substances (PTS) in coastal environments’ was held in BBL 308 meeting room, denoting a successful completion of our effort in training and knowledge transfer to developing countries along the MSR. The course began on November 25 and last for 2 weeks.

More than 20 attendants from 10 countries including Pakistan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Spain and Iran joined the course. Teachers delivered the training lessons include mainly Professors and Drs Jiang Guibin (RCEES), Paul Lam (City-U of Hong Kong), Eddy Zeng (JNU), Bao Lianjun (JNU), Kevin Jones (LU), Andy Sweetman (LU), Feng Xinbin (IGCAS), Zhang Hui (IGCAS), Li Xiangdong (HKPolyU), Zhang Tong (HKU), Yang Ying (SYSU), Luo Jun (NJU), Cheng Hao (Vision ES&T Co), Hu Jianfang (GIG), Luo Xiaojun (GIG), Zhong Guangcai (GIG),  Zhao Shizhen (GIG) , Liu Xin (GIG), and Drs Yuan Zhiquan and Huang Daiyong from Agilent Technology Ltd. etc.

The training course was managed by Liu Xin(刘昕), who’s been a powerful lady and even wrote the application proposal for the training course. Yazhou (亚舟) accompanied through and carefully looked after meals, transports and commutes. Shizhen (时真)gave 2 lessons on the PAS, sample preparation and chemical analysis. Guangcai(广财)gave a lesson on CUPs. Zhao Zhen (赵祯) talked about PFCs. Mr Zhang Bolong (伯龙)acted as the photographer, and did all the venue preparations. All great job!

Beam was happy to accept the certificate. She made a nice video to record the training course. A very talented girl. She is going to join our group next year.
Rajitha from Sri Lanka comment on the training course.
Mr Pere.
Moses used a slide with Belt & Road picture.
The lady created and managed the training course.
Our Catalonian team.
A closing ceremony group picture.
CAS member professor Jiang Guibin (江桂斌院士)delivered the first lesson.
Part of the training courses took venue in SCAU.
Dr Zhong talking about CUPs.
Shizhen introducing chemical pretreatment.
Dr Zhao Zhen, talking about PFCs, was our previous group member.
The PAS bowls.
Wet chemistry lab. What was Lele doing with the mask on?
Uncovering a GC-MS-MS.
LC-MS-MS is not a easy toy.
Visiting Donghushan National Natural Reserve.