First trip to Hanoi vietnam

On January 21-26, Liu Xin, Shizhen and Gan Zhang paid a fruitful visit to Hanoi of Vietnam. The group was invited by Professor Tu Mihn of VNU Hanoi. We were able to visit respectively VNU University of Sciences, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (VNU University of Natural Resources and Environment), as well as Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST).  We had intensive discussions with our Vietnam collaborators including Prof Mihn, Drs Tri and Thang, with collaboration plans set up. In between of the academic visit, we were also able to visit the beautiful Halong Bay for a relax.

In the courtyard of the Faculty of Chemistry, VNU University of Sciences. The building was built in 1908 when Vietnam was colonized by France.
Prof. Gan was talking about POPs.
The “award ceremony”.
VNU University of Natural Resources and Environment.
Bilateral communication with Dr Nam (left 3) and his colleagues in VAST. He is the head of the dioxin lab
Dr Shizhen at the gate of VAST.
An evening tour in Yushanci (玉山祠)in the heart of Hoàn Kiem Lake (还剑湖).
Van Mieu (文庙) and Guoc Tu Giam (国子监)full of Chinese flavor.
Farewell lunch with Thang and Phung, who just visited us for the SCP training course.
Indulged in nightlife of Hanoi.
Dr Shizhen on the Halong Bay trip in the weekend.