Eva worked in our group as a visiting PhD student, from 2018.9.9-12.26. She is from the Dept. of Pollutants and Human health in the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA) of Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). She joined Lele on the extraction and column cleanup of ATMSYC air samples added up to more than a thousand, tremendous work! She visited many places including Yangshuo and Beijing. She, Bet and Clara also went with Lele to Baoji and Xi’an to attend a wedding ceremony as bridesmaids. Of course, they appeared as headline on the local newspaper on the next day. It is really nice that she chose our group for her stage. We wish her all the best!

Farewell dinner on Dec 20th. Eva (left 5), Bet (left 3) and Clara (right 4).
Eva and Lele worked together for the last three and a half months.
Lele, Clara, Bet and Eva (left-right) as bride-maids for Lele’s sister (center) . This picture appeared on the local newspaper in Lele’s hometown.