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Liu Xin and Huanfang completed their PDRA

On September 25 morning, Liu Xin (刘昕)and Huang Huanfang(黄焕芳) reported to the assessment panel (邹世春、徐 维海、彭 先芝、李军、罗春玲)on their PDRA work. This came to the completion of their service in the group and GIG.  We wish then success in their new jobs and happy new life. Congratulations!

On-site assessment of the Guangdong International Cooperation Base project

On September 24, a small group from the Guangdong Department of Science and Technology came to assess on-site our  Guangdong International Cooperation Base project entitled ‘The 21st Maritime Silk Road Centre for Environment and Health’ (the MSR-CEH, 海上 丝绸之路环境与健康国际联合 研究中心).  The group, led by Yu Kai (余凯), chatted with SKLOG colleagues, visited the AMS laboratory, and highly appraised the MSR-CEH, mostly run by our group.

New NSFC projects sanctioned

Five new projects by the group members were sanctioned by NSFC, according to the official news on August 18. The awardee include Yangzhi, Shizhen, Longfei, Pingyang (of young scientist program) and Zhineng (of general program).  Congratulations!

We can also congratulate Tiangang who  received his first NSFC project (of young scientist program) elsewhere in Changsha.

Occasionally, Junwen came with his PhD student Jiangfan.

A  few of us had a small gathering for dinner.