Dilanka MSc viva

On September 20th, Dilanka did her MSc viva. She worked on antibiotics in two sewage wastewater treatment plants in Sri Lanka, which is a pioneering work in the country. She also firstly compared antibiotics in Colombo, capital city of SL with those in a tourist town of Hikkadowa, and found that macrolide maybe serve as an indicator of foreign visitors, especially Indian, to SL.  Dilaka’s tutor in university, Professor Tilak from Ruhuna University of SL came for her defense, and acted as the assessment panel chair. Her MSc defense was successful and impressive, with a score of ‘excellent’.  Congratulations!

With the assessment panel members. From left to right, Professors Yang Lihua (杨丽华) of Sun Yat-sen University, Wang Dongxiao(王东晓) of SCSIO, Tilak of Ruhuna University, Sri Lanka, Dilanka, Gan, Professors Sasho and Jin Biao of GIG.

Dilanka on her MSc viva.

Professor Tilak who was Dilanka’s tutor when she was in Ruhuna University came deliberately for the defense. 

Professor Wang Dongxiao, and Professor Tilak, are  co-directors of the China-Sri Lanka Research and Education Centre, CAS.

With her teachers.

Guangcai was among whom first meet Dilanka in SL.

Sister Liu Xin helped through the lab work and writing.