LUR Project Meeting

On the 6th of Nov 2019, LUR project annual meeting was held in GIG. Members of both the Chinese team and British team attended the meeting, including Gan Zhang, Yangzhi Mo, Shizhen Zhao (GIG), Douglas Booker (NAQTS), Kevin Jones (Lancaster University), Duohong Chen, Jin Shen (GEMC), Bin Feng, Yi Sun (Bojin Ltd).  Yangzhi presented the main achievements of LUR project and future plan. Shizhen briefly introduced the progress of an on-going passive air sampling campaign aimed at developing LUR model for PAHs. Sunyi from Bojing Ltd. presented multiple developed versions of platforms for predicting intraurban environment exposure. We also worked out the solutions to the existing issues and discussed possible joint publications.  In the evening, we had some relaxed time in the waterfront of Haixinsha.