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Li Jun Happy Birthday

Many student came to office with a big cake for cerebrating Dr Li Jun’s  birthday.  Lots of smile on his face. Happy birthday!

Receiving followers delivered by Wang Xiao.   (Picture by Yangzhi)

Cakes with fruits.  (Picture by Yangzhi)

Happy man.   (Picture by Gan)

‘The most Important Man’ on the head.   (Picture by Gan)

A NAEO update

On Sept 26-28, Jun, Shizhen and Gan visited Ningbo to investigate the current status of our field air station, NAEO,  which was setup initially  in 2008 and further furbished in 2011. We were very warmly welcome by two Shengongs (沈工,两兄弟)and had cordial talks with them. The station has been productive and we have decided to re-furbish once more for another 10 years! We also by the way enjoyed the nice seafood and visited the TianyiGe (天一阁)of Ningbo! Chen Yingjun(陈颖军)and Zhang Yanlin (章炎麟) also came and joined us for one night for nice discussion and talks.

Shengong (沈工, right)who insisted in sampling air samples for our group and looking after the NAEO station for the last 10 year!

Visiting TianyiGe, the ancient library tracked back to Ming dynasty.


LUR project members visit Bojin Ltd.

On 21st of July, Gan, Jun, Yangzhi and Shizhen visited the Bojin Ltd. located in Nansha. We had a good discussion on the development progress of smart platform on the prediction of air pollutants level and health risk in Guangzhou, since this project is coming to the end and will be reviewed recently.

Good luck to our final expert review meeting!

The director of Bojin Ltd, Dr. Bin Feng, introduced the company. He was  also used to study in GIG.

Group photo.