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Another visit to Xinxiang

On August 21, Gan was invited to give a talk on the ‘大气污染的健康效应和防控措施高级研修项目’ in Xinxiang (新乡)which was organized by Henan Normal University as a special training course supported by  人社部。The title of his talk was ‘Progress in research on HAPs and its management in China’ (有毒有害大气污染物(HAPs)及其管控研究进展).  It was my second visit/talk to/in Xinxiang this year (last time on May 24). I was very happy to see many garnet trees with fruits on on the campus of Henan Normal University, and afterwards educated by Xaofei that it has been the city tree of Xinxiang! 

Another talk in August!

The 4th international conference on environ pollu and health in Tianjin

On May 18-20, a group of us (Jin Biao, Haoyu, Jibing, Liu Xin, Shizhen, Zhang Gan) joined the 4th International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Health which was held in Tianjing, hosted by Nankai University ( 南开大学)。Haoyu, Jin Biao both presented their posters, and Jibin gave a nice oral presentation. I also visited Tianjing University for a quick view of the newly-established Institute of Surface Earth System led by Professor Liu Congqiang (刘丛强). On the conference we met many good friends, including particularly former group members Zhao Zhen (赵祯), Promita, Li Qilu (  李琦路)and Tang Jianhui (唐建辉). I was very happy to see a student of Li Qilu, Cheng Xianghui (程相会) giving an oral presentation in my session.

A night expenditure on the campus.

A very warm opening ceremony.

Haoyu manned her nice poster.

Zhao Zhen gave an oral presentation.

Qilu’s student, Cheng Xianghui (程相会), made a nice presentation on CPs in Huanghe (黄河). Derek Muir highly appraised her talk, to me after the session.

With ‘old’ friends Cai Minghong ( 蔡明宏)of China Polar Institute (极地所) and Wang Xiaoping (王小萍)of ITP (青藏所).

Paromita came. Shown also former GIG students Meng Xiangzhou (孟祥周), Tang Jianhui and Li Qilu.

There were you.

A collection of GOE members.

A glimpse of the newly established institute in Tianjing University. Shown Professors Qin Boqiang (秦伯强)of Nanjing Institute of Limnology and Geography (南京湖泊地理所)and Liu Congqiang (刘丛强院士) of TJU.

Li Qilu publish in AE and EP

Li Qilu has 2 papers accepted for publication, recently .  The works were based in trhe group. Congratulations!

  1.  New halogenated flame retardants in the atmosphere of nine urban areas in China: pollution characteristics, source analysis and variation trends’, Environmental Pollution.
  2. Characteristics and potential sources of polychlorinated biphenyl pollution in a suburban area of Guangzhou, southern China. Atmospheric Environment.