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ICELS in Thailand

Group members attended The 1st ICELS in Bangkok, Thailand

Nov 2-5th,2015
Professor Zhang Gan, Drs Zhong Guangcai & Jabir H. Syed, and Ms Jiang Haoyu attended The first International Conference on Environment, Livelihood and services: Environment for Life(The 1st ICELS) at Bangkok International Convention Center at the Centara Grand Hotel at Central World in Bangkok ,Thailand on November 2-5th,2015.They all gave oral presentations on Environmental Assemblage session. The conference was organized by the Chaipattana Foundation and Kasetsart University.
Receiving appreciation certificate from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand.  (诗琳通公主).
 Professor Zhang Gan was invited to give a Keynote Speech in the closing ceremony titled “Application of radiocarbon analysis and molecular tracers in the source apportionment of carbonaceous aerosols in China”.
t3An attractive girl with her attractive presentation.
t4Jabir talked about e-waste in Pakistan, which attracted many people. Here he is having a dialogue with the session chair.
t6 Two men of narcissism.
t7With the addition of beauty, the photo attraction increased a lot.
t8Handsome boy and beauty.
t9Fancy food in the fancy country for the coffee break.
t10Traditional Thai dance to mimic buddha angel.
t11Elegant Thai girls was dancing northern traditional dance.
t12All the dancers curtsied to the audience.
t14Pizzas upon arrival.
t13Professor Surat (center) is a collaborator of our group on biomass burning in Indo-China peninsula. He is also the dean of Environment Faculty of Kasesart University. This picture was taken in Lam Pak Bia firld station.
t15Gulf Of Siam.
t16Gan Zhang wrote a classic Chinese poem (Ci)on our Thailand (Siam)link. http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_6f655bb70102vq7c.html)

Trip on the Feilaixia Reservoir

Trip on the Feilaixia Reservoir

(Knut Breivik, John Rees and Kevin Jones visited on June 15 2014)

ga_2014_flx1【稼轩长短句】:我见青山多妩媚,料青山见我应如是。Graceful was the green hills in my eyes.(2014.6.15,飞来峡)

【敦煌曲子词】:满眼风波多闪烁,看山却似走来迎,仔细看山山不动,是船行。Shining lights in the water and approaching hills ahead.


ga_2014_flx3Knut Breivik is a senior research scientist in Norwagian Institute of Atmospheric Research (NILU). He visited the group and GIGCAS, with Kevin, on June 12-16. He is an excellent POPs researcher specialized in global inventory and modelling of PCBs and PBDEs. He is currently interested in the tranboundary movement of e-waste and its impact on the global inventories of industrial POPs. (2014,06,15. Photographer Gan Zhang, Jun Li)

ga_2014_flx44The international group enjoyed a boat trip on the Feilaixia (飞来峡)Reservior. Here Knut was sitting with Jabir, Adeel and Yadav.

ga_2014_flx55Our international colleagues from Pakistan and Nepal.

ga_2014_flx66She is always attracting the camera man.

ga_2014_flx7Kevin is always around us. Knut is highly recommended by Kevin.

ga_2014_flx8We had a small international pool game on a small island in the reservoir.

ga_2014_flx99This guy looks quite professional.

ga_2014_flx101A cautious player.

ga_2014_flx111John Rees and his son were also visiting SKLOG. He is one of the administrators of British Geological Survey (BGS) and British Research Council (BRC). BGS and SKLOG/GIGCAS is organizing a joint workshop on shale gas due in November 2014.

ga_2014_flx121Jabir and Yadav. Jabir seemed to have a new fashion shirt, which is nice and, yearly, timely.

ga_2014_flx131John is good at pool. She likes cycling as well, and mostly carry with him a portable bike when travelling.

ga_2014_flx141Jabir is qualified for the game, according to a master’s, my, observation.

ga_2014_flx15Adeel seemed to have forgotten everything. This is a wonderful mode of life.