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POPs Forum 2017 in Wuhan

On May 16-18, Liu Xin, Shuduan, Shizheng, Zhang Gan and former group member Huang Yumei attended the POPs Forum 2017 in Wuhan. Shizhen gave a presentation in the human exposure session. The Forum venue was in the beautiful and luxury Shangri-La Hotel.  Former group member Cheng Hairong (成海容) and her students joined us on the day. Professors Wang Youjie (王友洁) and Mei Surong (梅素容) of Tongji Medical School of S&T University of Central China (华中科技大学同济医学院)invited the group to a dinner specifically with the famous Xiao-long-xia (小龙虾, crayfish) being the main dishes.


The delegation.


Shizhen gave an oral presentation.

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Hairong and her two students joined the delegation on the Forum day. We had Japanese fusion together.

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A beautiful poem from ‘The Lost Horizon’ as displayed on the night beddings, in Shangri-La Hotel Wuhan .

Yumei published her PhD work in ES&T

Yumei and Zhang Ruijie recently published her PhD study on OCPs cycling in a Marr lake, Huguangyan of Zhanjiang, in ES&T entitled: ‘Experimental Study on the Role of Sedimentation and Degradation Processes on Atmospheric Deposition of Persistent Organic Pollutants in a Subtropical Water Column‘. This was with a year-last field experiment with tremendous samplings. Congratulations!



Yumei PhD viva

Yumei passed her PhD viva

ga_2014_hym1Yumei in her PhD gown. She worked on water column processes and air-water exchange of POPs in equatorial Indian Sea and HUguangyan Marr Lake in the group. She has been so cuccessful with her PhD student life that she produced a baby, published 2 papers, and secured a permanent job in Guangzhou University. (2014.5.29)

ga_2014_hym21Yishan ands Yumei in their gowns. (Photographer Xu Weihai, 2014.5.29)

ga_2014_hym3Zoomed are the smiles.





ga_2014_hym7Yumei was cheered by Yishan and Liu Xin. (2014.5.29)