Dilanka and Hairong in Wuhan

On April 8, I was invited by Professor Qi Shihua (祁士华) of CUG Wuhan to attend a signing ceremony for education cooperation between CUG and CAS. I had the chance to meet Dilanka and previous group member Cheng Hairong (成海容) on the campus of CUG.  Dilanka studies in CUG for her first year of MsC. She goes well with her study in CUG. Hairong has been going well with her teaching and research in WHU. It was a very nice day in the morning, followed by raining in the afternoon and at night.

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Dilanka obtained excellent scores with most of her subjects. (Picture: Ma Yueliang)

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Who are the teachers, and who the students. (Picture: Ma Yueliang)

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Raining drops on the road.  (Picture: G Zhang)