1st GOE Colloquium

On September 27, the 1st GOE Colloquium, after the academic event reform, was held in BBL.

This colloquium was mostly dedicated to Dilanka, Yi Xin, Zhao Xuan and Zhang Bolong for evaluation of their research plan, as well as to Geng Xiaofei for her mid-term PhD report.

Besides, Chen Wenwen introduced her PhD work on nitrosamines and  a plan of writing a review on nitrosamines in the environment. Leigh gave a talk on his thoughts and observations of human geography and AFNs (alternative food networks) and ecological civilization in China. Mahdi joined the group by giving a talk introducing himself and his research plan on illicit drugs and POPs in Iran.

Bolong is to work on radiocarbon analysis of methane in the air.

Dilanka, on PPCPs in Srilanka waters.

Zhao Xun, on 14C-PLFA study on biodegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Wenwen, on nitrosamines in waters.

Xiaofei made good progress in her PhD study.

The post for this GOE Colloquium, as setting up a paradigm.