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Mahadi: My research collaboration journey

Mahadi appears in the CAS international website at: http://international-talent.cas.cn/front/pc.html#/bicsite/article/c96866982adc696b7ded25650bdadfd8

My story goes back to 2013 when I came to China to start my PhD at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, in East China’s Zhejiang Province. From the beginning of my studies, I was looking for experienced professors who are experts in my field of research and, after two years, I realized there are great professors at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) where research is often innovative and applicable.

After I finished my PhD and went to Vietnam for work, I tried to contact professors in different key labs under CAS supervision and finally I was lucky to find Prof. Gan Zhang, who is actually not only my boss, but also my professional role model. After I started my post-doctoral research in 2017, we applied for PIFI postdoctoral funding. Finally, in April 2018, I received the opportunity to work as a post-doctoral researcher under the President’s International Fellowship Initiative – Chinese Academy of Sciences (PIFI-CAS) in the State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry (SKLOG), Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (GIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou, in South China’s Guangdong Province, under the mentorship of Prof. Gan Zhang.

During my stay here, I have been involved in evaluating the distribution and spatial pattern of Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in the riverine ecosystems and wastewater treatment plants across Iran. During this period, I have come across many new ideas and learning experiences and feel lucky to be part of such highly motivated and hardworking group of scientists.

I really feel lucky to have had the experience of a lifetime living in Guangzhou, a beautiful city with a pleasant climate and friendly people. I am also highly obliged to PIFI-CAS for the financial support and I feel honored and highly privileged that Prof. Gan Zhang provided me the opportunity to work in their group.

2019 GIG Posdotoral Annual Meeting

Liu Xin, Shizhen and Mahdi were awarded Best Flash Talk Prize on the postdoctoral annual meeting of GIG on November 1st. Among them, Liu Xin won the second prize, and Shizhen and Mahdi obtained the third prize. Liu Xin’s work has been on the application of the diffusive gradients in thin-films passive sampler for estimating the level of illicit drug in Hanoi and Guangzhou. Shizhen focused her research on a better understanding of the major contributions of unintentionally-produced PCBs in the air of China. Mahdi investigated antibiotics in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and receiving waters across Iran. Great job and congratulations!