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2019 GIG Posdotoral Annual Meeting

Liu Xin, Shizhen and Mahdi were awarded Best Flash Talk Prize on the postdoctoral annual meeting of GIG on November 1st. Among them, Liu Xin won the second prize, and Shizhen and Mahdi obtained the third prize. Liu Xin’s work has been on the application of the diffusive gradients in thin-films passive sampler for estimating the level of illicit drug in Hanoi and Guangzhou. Shizhen focused her research on a better understanding of the major contributions of unintentionally-produced PCBs in the air of China. Mahdi investigated antibiotics in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and receiving waters across Iran. Great job and congratulations!  



The 11th ISEG

On August 8-10, a group of us including Liu Xin, Zhang Ruiling, Zhang Gan, Chen Wenwen, Mahdi and Dilanka attended the 11th International Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry (ISEG) in Peking Universe. The symposium was organized by Professors Tao Shu(陶澍) and Zhu Dongqiang(朱东强).  Gan was invited to give a keynote speech entitled ‘Development and Applications of Radiocarbon Analysis Techniques for Tracking Atmospheric Organic Species in China’. The talk promoted our works on radiocarbon analysis of BC/BrC/Di-acids/IVOC (naphthalene), and demonstrated radiocarbon analysis as a powerful tool in tracing the sources of atmospheric organics.   Other group members all gave poster presentations, a bunch of ‘waters’! On the eve of the opening ceremony day, we are able to gather in a restaurant  ‘Friday’  for a drink.