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Haoyu publishes in ES&T

As a gift to the National Day, Haoyu published an important paper in ES&T entitled ‘Using Polyurethane Foam-Based Passive Air Sampling Technique to Monitor Monosaccharides at a Regional Scale’. This is her first ES&T paper. Congratulations!

To be  No 1! I am sure that it will be a benchmark of regional monitoring of biomass burning across the earth planet.

It was a team work . Of the study, Haoyu did the experiment, wrote the manuscript; Guangcai supervised the chemical analysis; Tian Congguo of  YIC coded the computer program/model for counting fire spots within 50 km of each sampling point, based on MODIS fire products;  Yu Zhiqiang helped in managing the field sampling campaign; Li Jun joined discussions and managed the field sampling; Jiaqi, Hongxin, Shizhen helped with the experiment and joined the discussions; Lidia Morawska of QUT joined the discussion and polished the text. Gan Zhang inspired and designed the study.