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Jiaqi publish her first paper in AE

On May 25, Jiaqi published her first paper in AE. She setup the ROS protocol in the lab with the help from Dr Ma Shexia (马社霞) of South China Academy of Environmental Sciences, and looked at the contributions from different  sources to ROS in aerosol in Bangkok, Thailand. The sampler was setup in the air station on Kasetsart University(泰国农业大学) campus in urban Bangkok, by Haoyu. Students in Kasetsart University helped in sample collection which last for a round year. The original idea was to skip the ROS-related mechanism but using statistic tools to apportion the contributions. She made it. Congratulations!

Haoyu publishes in ES&T

As a gift to the National Day, Haoyu published an important paper in ES&T entitled ‘Using Polyurethane Foam-Based Passive Air Sampling Technique to Monitor Monosaccharides at a Regional Scale’. This is her first ES&T paper. Congratulations!

To be  No 1! I am sure that it will be a benchmark of regional monitoring of biomass burning across the earth planet.

It was a team work . Of the study, Haoyu did the experiment, wrote the manuscript; Guangcai supervised the chemical analysis; Tian Congguo of  YIC coded the computer program/model for counting fire spots within 50 km of each sampling point, based on MODIS fire products;  Yu Zhiqiang helped in managing the field sampling campaign; Li Jun joined discussions and managed the field sampling; Jiaqi, Hongxin, Shizhen helped with the experiment and joined the discussions; Lidia Morawska of QUT joined the discussion and polished the text. Gan Zhang inspired and designed the study.


Graduation Ceremony for Dai Qing, Li Jibing and Mo Yangzhi

On June 22, a graduation ceremony was held in GIG to 100 PhD and MSc students who graduated from the institute and UCAS. Among them are Dai Qing (MSc), Li Jibing (PhD) and Mo Yangzhi (PhD). Congratulations to the 3 colleagues, and wish them a prosperous career and happy life!

There was exactly 100 graduates this year.


A family portrait. Dai Qing (MSc) absents the ceremony as she has been working in Beijing.

Mo Yangzhi and Li Jibing completed their PhD study, put on their gowns. Dai Qing (MSc) absents the ceremony as she has been working in Beijing.

Against the bamboo fence.

A sense of success.

Girls as ceremony assistants, beautifully enchanting .