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PhD and MSc viva

On May 23, Jiaqi(王嘉琦), Hongxin(姜鸿兴)and Buqing (徐 步青) successfully did their PhD viva. The assessment panel included Professors Chen Yingjun(陈颖军), Tian Chongguo(田崇国), Zhang Yanlin(章炎麟), Chen Duohong(陈多宏), Ding Xiang(丁翔) and Hu Weiwei(胡伟伟).

Together, in the group we had also  Li Qiqian (李启虔,PhD),  Hu Beibei (胡蓓蓓,PhD), Xu Wenli (许文丽,MSc) and Zhang Qing (张庆,MSc) passed their viva these days.

Congratulations to the new doctors and masters!

Photographer: 黄晨、张干

Li Qiqian awarded best oral presentation

On Nov 9-10, Li Qiqian (李启虔) was awarded best oral presentation on SKLOG Young Scientist Academic Forum’2017. He is among the 7 awardee out of 46 oral presentations. Qiqian has made systematic and great progress in the preparation and application of fungi for remediation of PAH contaminated soil. Congratulations!

Qiqian is fluent in presenting his work on the forum.

The Award Certificate. The written text was by Teacher Han Linlin (韩林林), who is very famous of his calligraphy in the institute.