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Li Qiqian awarded best oral presentation

On Nov 9-10, Li Qiqian (李启虔) was awarded best oral presentation on SKLOG Young Scientist Academic Forum’2017. He is among the 7 awardee out of 46 oral presentations. Qiqian has made systematic and great progress in the preparation and application of fungi for remediation of PAH contaminated soil. Congratulations!

Qiqian is fluent in presenting his work on the forum.

The Award Certificate. The written text was by Teacher Han Linlin (韩林林), who is very famous of his calligraphy in the institute.

The 5th Joint Workshop with HKPolyU and SYSU

On June 1-3, several group members attended the 5th Joint Workshop on Environ Sci & Technol in Zhuhai. The workshop was based on the bilateral annual meeting between HK-PolyU and GIG, but this year with SYSU as a third party. Mo Yangzhi presented an oral talk, and Liu Xin, Shizhen, Haoyu, Qiqian and Jibin presented their posters.

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Mo Yangzhi talked about BrC during the APEC in Beijing.

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Jibin manned his poster.

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Li Qiqian manned his poster.

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Closing remarks.

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We took pictures with members from Dr Li Xiangdong’s group of PolyU.

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This young people did their favorites at night.

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The venue guide.